CARVED Imperator 7

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Free your inner twintip virtuoso with Carved Custom’s magnum opus. The all-new Cartan 2 powered twintip is our lightest and most responsive board ever. And now with an on-the-fly rocker adjuster, the Imperator 7 responds like no other board. Ride a masterpiece.

Cartan 2, as it’s called, combines untwisted, unidirectional carbon fiber strands with minimal epoxy binders into a thin, flat, 30° scrim matching the exact board size. The evenly distributed, very straight fibers result in a composite laminate with a lighter, more uniform microstructure than those produced using conventional woven-fabric pre-pregs. The Imperator’s improved filament-to-filament load transfer results in an incredibly energetic Gen7 that’s 100g lighter.

A clever rocker adjuster integrated into the grab handle instantly increases or decreases the Imperator 7’s rocker by 15mm resulting in a board that can do it all. Rocket upwind when rocker is reduced. Or increase rocker when you’re in the mood to play around.

The Imperator 7 carries over its signature features that have been perfected over 20 years. The Ellipse channels energy to the fins and edges when warranted and absorbs the rest. A double concave V-shaped keel cuts through the roughest chop and delivers incredible grip and poise. Hand-finished rails feature slightly sharper, drag-reducing, tucked under rail shapes that help carve buttery smooth turns.

Light wind approved
See, feel and experience a lightwind masterpiece. See the shimmer of the proprietary carbon fiber, feel the unique hand-finished rails, and experience the power, control, and sheer pleasure the new LW edition generates in the lightest of winds.

Every limited edition board comes with Razor G10 fin set (1,7" for 130-137, 146 & 152 ; 1,9" for 139 & 141), V4A fin screws, REVO board handle, handle screw set, and board sock.

130 x 29
133 x 40
135 x 41
137 x 42
139 x 42.5
141 x 43
LW 146 x 45
LW 152 x 48

CARTAN® 2: Ultra-low resin, high performance, proprietary carbon fiber.
HANDMADE: only the finest material and build quality
ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT: strength and power without added weight
UNIBODY: full, seamless carbon construction.
DEEP VEE KEEL: cuts through undesirable chop
DOUBLE CONCAVE: channels water for more speed and drive
TUCKED 3D RAILS: the "round rail with a corner" improves drag
UV FOIL: doubled UV and scratch protection
3D WOOD CORE: hand-selected, marine-grade, Paulownia wood core
ELLIPTIC FLEX TIP: optimized tip flex for more control

Optional accessories:
ULTRA PADS & STRAPS: the ultimate in adjustability and comfort
RAZOR G10 WAKE FINS: superior fin with plenty of room for freestyle fun

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